About IMHA Society

There were more than 50,000 compulsory admissions ("sections") to inpatient mental health services under the Mental Health Act last year in England, as reported by the government's Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). The rate of people being 'sectioned' is rising. People being detained often have limited social support, are vulnerable and are often unable to express themselves clearly because of the symptoms of their illness or because of the side effects of psychiatric medication.
We champion the voice and care of people who are detained or vulnerable because of their severe mental health condition. Even today, evidence exists that suggests that people who have severe mental health conditions do not feel empowered or included in decisions about their mental health care and treatment.  

This simply cannot be allowed to continue in 21st century mental health care, so we are here to make sure quality independent mental health advocacy is accessible to all who need it and to campaign until we achieve this.

Our Mission

  • Empowering patients and service users to have a stronger voice in their care and treatment.


  • Increasing access to IMHAs for people detained under the Mental Health Act


  • Raising awareness of the IMHA role in good quality mental health care


  • Sharing good practice


  • Developing robust guidance


  • Delivering quality training


  • Supporting self advocacy


  • Personlisation - to see and treat people as individuals in planning their care and treatment, working with their families and communities wherever possible.


  • Championing law and policy reform for better outcomes in mental health care and treatment.